Tag Link Calibre S second hand issue!

Thread: Tag Link Calibre S second hand issue!

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    Tag Link Calibre S second hand issue!

    My first Tag was a 2000 I bought in ~1990 for ~$300. The bezel has since worn and I thought it time to buy a new watch. Of course I've always like the look/branding of Tag and assumed they were of good-excellent working quality. When I discovered the new Link Calibre S, I was like, OK, that's pretty cool! At $3,200 I would have passed. Fortunately, "luck is being prepared for the opportunity..." and I just took advantage of Macy's recent sale, and...get this, $1,670!!!! ...including an extra 20% off for using a new Macy's Card.

    CONCERN: It bothers me that the second hand misses it's marks. I believe I've heard a similar complaint in another forum.
    While I should have NO complaints at this price, does anybody know if a high-end jeweler/watchman can set the second hand on the mark? Or, do I have to send it back to Tag? Even though I could live with it given my luck on the price, I'd like to say it's perfect!!!

    e-m: vze297 (at) verizon.net

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    Re: Tag Link Calibre S second hand issue!

    Absoulety send it back. It should be perfect and TAG needs to be aware of how many aren't. Regardles of point of sale.

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