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    Taking a Shot in the Dark

    I have a qustion for the veteran watch wearers out there and need guidance on a possible new watch purchase (Alpnach 241527). I have had my eyes on this new Victorinox model for a couple of weeks now but there are two things holding me back. The first is that there is no-one on the forum who has wrist shots of this watch, so I have no idea what it looks like in real life. Two, that the largest watch I have is 42mm case and this one is 44mm. It is 51mm from lug to lug and it would go from edge to edge on my 7" diameter wrist. Knowing these things, should I just suck it up and buy it, or should I wait until I can see how it looks on me? There are no retailers near me to order it in to try on.

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    Re: Taking a Shot in the Dark

    44mm will work on a 7" wrist i wear some 44mms and my wrist is 6.5" It will look big tho, so it's up to your personal taste if you would want one. You can pull it off and it won't look ridiculously large on your wrist but again it's a matter of personal taste.

    BTW that is one sweet VSA

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