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    Talking about Time

    Do you refer to time as say...3pm
    or do you say Fifteen Hundred Hours?
    or Fifteenth Hour?

    Do you set your digital clocks? (phones or computers) to 24hr time or 12hr?

    Sometimes It depends on what watch I am wearing and who I am talking to.

    How about you?
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    Re: Talking about Time

    12hr, when I worked I think the phone orders were in military time. Then at the hospital it was military also. Now and when I'm with friends it's 12hr.

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    Re: Talking about Time

    I'm not in the military so I use 12-hour time.
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    I am a civilian now however old habits die hard so I continue to use 1500 for 3pm ect
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    Re: Talking about Time

    12H, 3PM.

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    Re: Talking about Time

    I never think of time on the 24hr, or military time, scale.

    But since I got my Cosmonaute I've had to... it was actually something of a challenge, more than I expected. The extra few seconds to figure out the time when glancing at my watch were more disconcerting than I thought it would be, but in an interesting way. I'm getting better at it.
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    Re: Talking about Time

    12 hour unless I am wearing a "purist" 24 hour watch. If that's the case I don't say anything because I have no idea ​what time it is.
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    Re: Talking about Time

    Most people use 24h clock.
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    Re: Talking about Time

    I'm now going to start saying "fifteenth hour" as soon as I find my monocle

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    Re: Talking about Time

    This is an intl forum... Different countries have different systems. In Russia - it's 24 hr time and people say fifteen thirty as a normal way of telling time (nothing to do w military). In US - it's three-thirty pm. Since I'm living in US and not active in military - it's three thirty PM for me and clocks are set on 12 hr scale
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