Which of these watches is a dress watch?

View Poll Results: Which of these are dress watches? See photos in the post.

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  • This Seiko

    80 60.15%
  • This Nomos

    54 40.60%
  • This Rolex

    22 16.54%
  • This Omega

    21 15.79%
  • This Frederique Constant

    31 23.31%
  • This Tissot

    44 33.08%
  • None of these are dress watches

    20 15.04%
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Thread: Which of these watches is a dress watch?

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    Which of these watches is a dress watch?

    As per the title; which of these could be considered a dress watch? (More than one option can be selected, or if none are appropriate as a dress watch then there's that option too.)

    Suppose you owned all of these and you were attending a formal or semi-formal event, which would you wear?

    Are there any that would not really be appropriate in a formal setting with a suit? (Not suggesting you'd be tarred and feathered, just that you'd choose not to wear a watch at all if these are the only watches you own, or that you'd go out and buy something.)

    Would you wear the Rolex or FC for example even though they're the furthest removed from a true dress watch, with the Tissot or Seiko arguably being closer? (No numbers, leather strap)

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    1. This Seiko

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    2. This Nomos

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    3. This Rolex

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    4. This Omega

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    5. This Frederique Constant

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    6. This Tissot
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    Re: Which of these watches is a dress watch?

    I think the SARB is the dressiest since it's simple, no lume and on leather. BUT I'd pick the Rolex all day!

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    Seiko and Tissot come the closest, and while any watch will work for any occasion....I wouldn't call any of these a "formal" watch.

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    Re: Which of these watches is a dress watch?

    I would go either the rollie or AT on leather

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    Re: Which of these watches is a dress watch?

    I have a black dialed Tangente that always seems appropriate. I have worn it with jeans and suits alike. I would think that yours would be equally suited.

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    Re: Which of these watches is a dress watch?

    This should be interesting. The poll numbers aren't lining up with what people often say (yeah, just ten votes so far).

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    Re: Which of these watches is a dress watch?

    Depends on your definition of the word "dress" when used in conjuction with a watch.

    Based on my definition, I picked the Nomos.
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    Re: Which of these watches is a dress watch?

    I don't find the Tangente particularly dressy with the Arabic numerals--that's the Orion's job. The SARB is dressiest followed by the Visodate, the AQ on leather and the Datejust. I find the FC confusing.

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    Re: Which of these watches is a dress watch?

    Formal - None, nor any other watch in my opinion
    Semiformal (suit) - Nomos>Seiko>Tissot> The Rest
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    Re: Which of these watches is a dress watch?

    I would consider the seiko tissot the closest and the rolex and omega the furthest. I voted tissot simply because I prefer it over the seiko.

    Regardless, I wouldn't have a problem with someone wearing any of these in a formal setting. The omega may be the least appropriate, but it is still the one I would choose if it were my money. I don't care what others think.
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