Think long think wrong pull the trigger.

Thread: Think long think wrong pull the trigger.

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    Think long think wrong pull the trigger.

    I wanted share a funny story buddy doesnt think so lol
    when we buy a watch we have to think abit or just impulse
    reasons we think are(dont want the wife to know)
    (have duplicates)
    (have to many in the stable already)
    (price is a bit high)
    anywhoo buddy of mine was looking at a nos vintage zodiac aerospace gmt with original box as well the guy had two
    he thought about the price overnight called the guy next day watches were sold
    two weeks later saw the same watch it was 500 bucks higher
    turns out the guy selling the watches bought them from the other guy.

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    Re: Think long think wrong pull the trigger.

    Either the OP needs punctuation, "Guess you'd have to be there" or my morning coffee has worn off because this is nonsensical to me.

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    Sounds of a typical flipping story. Shouldn't be new to anyone these days.

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