Thoughts/input on new Louis Erard Sportive Chronograph?

Thread: Thoughts/input on new Louis Erard Sportive Chronograph?

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    Thoughts/input on new Louis Erard Sportive Chronograph?

    I stumbled upon a very much under the radar but seemingly established brand--Louis Erard. They have a new chronograph in their Sportive collection which hits all my must-haves: domed sapphire, display case-back, bracelet, applied markers, ceramic bezel, and good lume. Plus it looks like a Speedmaster '57 without being a direct copy which I find to be pretty cool. However, I can't find any reviews or real pictures besides a handful on their instagram page. I'm curious to see what the bracelet and clasp looks like in the flesh and what the watch looks like in non-professionally edited pictures. Does anyone by chance own this watch or has stumbled across it in person that can provide some feedback? I'm really digging the black-eye-blue version pictured below. I'm hoping their quality is up to snuff as their pricing doesn't look to be half bad.

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    Re: Thoughts/input on new Louis Erard Sportive Chronograph?

    I have been considering one as well. I have not held one in my hands so I can't comment on build quality but the company has a good track record.

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    Re: Thoughts/input on new Louis Erard Sportive Chronograph?

    Looks like a Sinn.

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    Re: Thoughts/input on new Louis Erard Sportive Chronograph?

    They're not exactly under the radar. The brand might not have a lot of renown, but it feels like they're being sold everywhere here, sort of like Tissot and Rado. I generally find their dressier offerings to be more attractive, though, and unfortunately didn't pay attention to the sportier offerings. A good friend seems to wear an Erard chrono all the time, - I can only say that it looks nice on the wrist, but not necessarily very special (also the logo font bothers me a lot on non-dressy models).
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    Re: Thoughts/input on new Louis Erard Sportive Chronograph?

    Yes I agree, not exactly under the radar on WUS. Try searching prior posts.

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    Re: Thoughts/input on new Louis Erard Sportive Chronograph?

    I used to own a TimeFactors Aero Watch that was made by Louis Erard. It was well executed and the chronograph worked perfectly every time. It was a very accurate time keeper, an impressive watch overall and I would not hesitate to buy another Louis Erard watch.

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