Thoughts on purchasing a 'vintage' lete '90s watch with no box/paperwork?

Thread: Thoughts on purchasing a 'vintage' lete '90s watch with no box/paperwork?

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    Thoughts on purchasing a 'vintage' lete '90s watch with no box/paperwork?

    I'm interested in purchasing a late '90s/early '00s VC 42042 Overseas and found one at a reputable dealer for sale but it does not come with any paperwork.

    What are your thoughts on purchasing an undocumented watch over the internet? I know it could be risky, the dealer said they will provide their own 1 year warranty and their own authenticity cards with the watch, but I don't know if those documentation would actually hold water if I ever decide to trade in or sell the watch down the road.

    What are your guy's thoughts on *'vintage' watches with no paperwork?

    *vintage in quotations because I'm not sure if a late '90s/early '00s watch is vintage or not.
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    Re: Thoughts on purchasing a 'vintage' lete '90s watch with no box/paperwork?

    Risky all depends on the dealer. If you've done your research and the seller is indeed reputable as you say, then I see little risk. A legit seller will sell you what they claim and they'll be accurate in their descriptions. If any problems arise, they'll take care of you right. Just make sure the seller is truly reputable and has a good track record of customer service.

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