Thoughts on Revue Thommen Airspeed

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    Thoughts on Revue Thommen Airspeed

    Hello, first post here so take it easy on me.

    I'm looking to purchase a new watch. I have never had a really nice watch - my nicest has been a Wenger quartz (swiss army style).

    However I've been researching on different watches and have decided that I want an auto swiss watch. The Revue Thommen Airspeed has really caught my eye.

    Questions: Is $300 on ebay for one of these possible?

    Is the watch priced reasonably for its movement?

    What is the general reputation of Revue Thommen in the watch world?

    If you have any other ideas, I'm open to them. I'm really looking for something in the $300 range with an automatic movement with a classic look, like the airspeed. Used is fine.

    Thanks -

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    Re: Thoughts on Revue Thommen Airspeed

    I've had a Revue Thommen Classic Airspeed Quartz Chronograph in titanium with black face for about 9 years, paying around A$1550 in 1999. My first one leaked when I used the chronograph pushers under-water (silly boy!) - the quoted repair costs (AUD$300) almost exceeded the price I saw them, used, for on e-Bay, so I didn't bother. I was recently able to pick up a new one (blue face this time) for a ridiculously low price, so I did, and again I have been very happy with it. General thoughts:
    1. It appears to be very well made, and my 9 year-old model has held up exceptionally well, with very few marks in the metal and a clear, scratch free crystal.
    2. The AR coating, inside and out, makes the crystal appear so clear that a couple of times people have tried to touch the hands, being unable to see the glass!
    3. The bezel rotates smoothly (two clicks per second) and lines up perfectly, as do all the hands including the chrono pointers. It's the count-up type and after 9 years the markings are still very clear and legible. I'd probably prefer the count-down bezel as a complement to the chrono - this is only available on the auto version.
    4. It has the classic "Lemania 5100" type chrono display with the centre second hand, and centre (red-tipped) minute hand, which is the ideal chrono display in my view - easily read at a glance and ideal for flying.
    5. The face is exceptionally clear in the light - dark, semi matt / silk finish paint withclear white hands and numbers. The lume is Ok but nothing to write home about; the hour markers are non luminous but the numerals themselves glow very faintly, once the eys are accustomed to the dark, and the hour hand is hard to read in the dark around the 6 position, where it's partly obscured by the long tail of the chrono centre second hand - a bit of a nuisance at the moment when 5.40 to 6.20 is the (dark) hour before dawn...!
    6. The metal bracelet is a bit glitzy, not in keeping witht he dull titanium stealth finish of the watch itself - I lost an end link from the old watch and now prefer to wear it on a NATO nylon strap (blue, to match the face).
    7. It's very comfortable at about 10mm thick and the Ti makes it light, and doesn't cause skin rashes unlike nickel steel.
    8. The crown screws down but it and the chrono pushers are unprotected by shoulders. This has never been a problem (apart from deliberately using the pushers undrwater).
    9. The crystal is quite small - about 31mm diameter, with the face including bezel 37.5mm across.
    10. If you want a quartz chrono you probably couldn't do much better. It's infinitely better value than a Breitling; and far, far better quality than the Heuer 2000 Quartz Chrono which preceded it; in the 9 years I had the first one I never really saw a watch I preferred.
    11. I'm thinking of changing it for an automatic watch - probably a Sinn 356 or 103 Ti - but if I had bought the automatic Lemania 5100 version in 1999 I would probably hold onto it.
    12. It's a good watch, good value and well worth buying.

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    Re: Thoughts on Revue Thommen Airspeed

    Quote Originally Posted by HappyJack View Post
    The crown screws down but it and the chrono pushers are unprotected by shoulders. This has never been a problem (apart from deliberately using the pushers undrwater).
    Hey I was wondering... don't all chronos that have WR allow underwater operation of the pushers, as in underwater usage of the chrono function?? I mean, I tohught that it's a normal thing to do underwater, time your dive, etc. Or only divers allow this? What's the difference between having screw-down crown or/and pushers or not?

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    Re: Thoughts on Revue Thommen Airspeed

    Most chronographs stipulate NOT to operate the pushers when underwater. In fact, that's why some chronographs have screw down pushers (which are different than screw down crowns) which, when screwed down, prevent the pushers from being activated. There are some chronographs which are designed to be operated underwater which include (but are not limited to) Tag Heuer's Aquagraph and, I believe, the Omega Seamaster.

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    Re: Thoughts on Revue Thommen Airspeed

    I bought my Airspeed some 4 years ago after having read a good article on the Internet. One of the reasons why I bought it, is because I was offered 50% off retail.
    My is the XL model with the glass at the back to view the movement. Within a few days the "date ring" came off (I didn't know the date was a ring in the first place). The dealer at that time changed it for me for a new one.
    Very recently the crown came off. New dealer for UK and lousy service. I was meant to send it to Switzerland but opted to pay £25 to my local watch service centre.
    The watch feels good and reading the time is also clear. The glass is tinted blue and this is annoying as light reflections do **** me off!!
    If you get it for around £250 - is worth having it but, for more money is just not worth the hassle.

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