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    ticking sound differences

    I am the new owner of two automatics, both with ETA 2824 movements. When I wear both, I can hear the ticking of the movement when the watch is within 9 inches or so of my ear (for instance, when I'm resting my head on my hand).

    This doesn't bother me that much (in fact, it serves as a reminder to look at the sweet, sweet second hand on my Stowa Marine) but I'm curious: how much variation across watches and movements is there in this area? I read on one post that Rolexes are virtually impossible to hear. Any other data points?


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    Re: ticking sound differences

    There's an old saying, "The quieter the watch, the higher the quality."
    Cases have a lot to do with it, my Nivrel Skeleton is very load, but with
    my hearing, I couldn't care less.

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    Re: ticking sound differences

    I have a Rolex Sub, an Omega SMP, and a Tag 6000. All three can be heard ticking when I hold them to my ear. I wouldn't say that the Rolex is any quiter than the other two. Mind you, they are all thickly encased dive watches.

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