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    Good afternoon all - I've been lurking for over a year and I finally have a question that hasn't been answered through searching. Hopefully I'm posting this in the correct section.

    While I did find some reviews of the eBay seller timeparadise (mostly pretty good) they were all 5+ years old. It would seem that they've closed their eBay account but now have a website - timeparadise.com. They've got a couple of pieces (namely Seiko's) I'm interested in but some of their pricing seems borderline too cheap to me. Has anyone purchased from this site and can provide feedback? Did your watch come with all warranty tags, box, etc as they state? If you had warranty issues or needed service were you able to go directly to the manufacturer or did the watch end up going back to timeparadise?

    Thanks in advance for the help!

    And since I'm sure someone will ask - my interest in watches started as a kid when the latest and greatest was having some sort of Timex Indiglo. My friends and I would set the alarms for no reason, use the stopwatch to time everything and everything and argue over who's indiglo was brighter. From there it was probably 15 years ago in high school when Nixon was all the rage - so I grabbed a few of those (Super Rover SS, Rotolog, and Newton Digital). I always remember my dad having worn a Seiko - one he got when he graduated University in the mid-70's. He still wears it to this day some 40+ years later and refuses to replace it. I had always wanted a Seiko and he eventually bought me a SNAE14 for my birthday some 5 or so years ago. Last year I got myself and SKX007J1, a handful of Nato's and apart from the Seiko rattle I've got, the watch seems to be keeping a pretty impressive -3.7 seconds a day so I've decided to leave it alone for now. I've been bitten by the bug!

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    Re: timeparadise.com

    I'll give this one bump because I realized I forgot the hyphen in the URL - correct is time-paradise.com

    Any help is appreciated. Thanks in advance!
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