Tips for avoiding scratches?
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Thread: Tips for avoiding scratches?

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    Tips for avoiding scratches?

    I hate scratches on my watches but realize they are inevitable. I still want to fight the good fight against them.

    Let's share some tips on how to avoid scratches (and, no, leaving them in the box is not an option ).

    Here are some things I do:

    • Going through a doorway, put my watch hand just a little bit behind my back;
    • Overnight, store the watch on a small piece of cloth on the nightstand (the rest of the rotation is in a watch wallet); and
    • When reaching into cupboards and cabinets, use the hand without the watch.
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    Re: Tips for avoiding scratches?

    - Don't wear your watch.

    Best accept they are going to happen.

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    Re: Tips for avoiding scratches?

    When doing things, there is a hand that's used for holding things, and there's a hand that's used for doing things. E.g. When doing dishes, I hold dishes with my left hand and wash with my right hand; or I hold a fruit with my left hand and cut with my right hand. I find that if I wear my watches on my left wrist, since my left arm is stationary more of the time compared to right arm, the watches get much less scratched, compared to in the past when I wore a watch on my right wrist.

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    Re: Tips for avoiding scratches?

    the only way to avoid scratches it to not wear the watch. just like new shoes or a new car, people are always overly cautious early on, but hopefully you eventually don't think twice about little knicks here or there

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    Re: Tips for avoiding scratches?

    Regardless of how careful you are, it's un avoidable. Accept it and stop worrying.


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    Re: Tips for avoiding scratches?

    Its like when you buy a new car. You do everything in your power to avoid even the tiniest scratch or stain on it. But when it does happen at least for me, I feel a little bit relieved and can now drive it and accept that it is no longer perfect.
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    Re: Tips for avoiding scratches?

    It's gonna happen sooner or later. Best to get over the first scratch then it becomes less stressful.

    Me, I tried wearing long sleeves shirts but that just hid the little wrist gems which is a shame.

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    Re: Tips for avoiding scratches?

    Just be careful but don't get anal over scratches. They will eventually happen.

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    Re: Tips for avoiding scratches?

    Someone post that bubble wrap photo
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    Re: Tips for avoiding scratches?

    I am also someone who likes/tries to keep his watches as "new" as possible. Of course, some things cannot be avoided, but being "aware" that you are wearing a watch might help.
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