Tissot Crono Brasil 500 anos

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    Tissot Crono Brasil 500 anos


    First time posting here in Public forum.

    I own this Tissot in the picture below. Reference T661.418.52. Comemorative edition to the discover of Brazil. Model "Brasil 500 anos". Released only in Portugal and Brazil. Limited to 2000 pieces, 1000 in Portugal and 1000 in Brazil. Each individually numbered XXXX/2000.

    Do you now it? Any technical detail about it? Such as caliber, construction and so on.

    I've already tried at the Tissot forum but no help available.

    Here's the picture of the back side of the watch.

    Any help welcome.

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    Re: Tissot Crono Brasil 500 anos

    The day/date indication and the set-up of subdials

    make me believe it´s a Valjoux 7750 automatic movement - one of the workhorses out of the ETA stable.

    All about the Valjoux 7750: http://www.timezone.com/library/horo...72313433425752

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    Re: Tissot Crono Brasil 500 anos

    Old thread,I know

    But,the correct movement is Valjoux 7760


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