Titanic relaunched in Belfast!

Thread: Titanic relaunched in Belfast!

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    Titanic relaunched in Belfast!

    This morning saw the announcement we have all heard previously, of the Titanic DNA watch in Belfast, as part of the brand launch strategy.

    To say it did not go down too well would be an understatement! Like the proverbial Lead Balloon, the idea for this one is locally thought to be in bad taste and heading for the seabed where it belongs.

    As a representative from the Titanic Preservation Society was heard to comment this morning ' Would the American People expect to walk around with a bit of the Twin Towers strapped to their wrist? '.

    And maybe a valid point it is. However, no doubt somone will stump up the cash for this 'limited' edition of 2,012 pieces. As many have done before for garish relics from the wreck of the old girl herself.

    However, I thought this morning that if they are making 2,012 pieces from the 3.5lbs of metal from the titanic, smelted with new ship grade steel, you won't be finding that much of the original on your wrist.

    Me, I would expect a little more for the 100,000 euro price tag for the high end models.


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    Re: Titanic relaunched in Belfast!

    Dear Colin,
    There was a thread started on the Breitling forum about this watch. You should give it a read.
    I don't know how to link to the thread but its well worth it.


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