Torn between two Casio watches

Thread: Torn between two Casio watches

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    Torn between two Casio watches

    Hi all,

    First off, I apologize if I posted this in the wrong section.

    So I've been looking at getting my next watch for the past month or two. I was originally very interested in the SGW-500 (the blue one). I love the features and look, but the only place I can find it is online. The only problem with that is I hate buying something like this online without any reviews or feedback... The other watch that has recently caught my attention is the EFA131-BK.

    I love that the EFA comes with a stainless steel band, I'd really prefer that over resin. Does anyone know if a black stainless (similar to the one on the EFA) can be put on the SGW-500?

    I'm also concerned about the thermometer on the SGW. I read a sneak peek for the SGW on this site that mentioned it doesn't look like it has a top/side sensor, so it would need to be off your wrist for 20 minutes before giving an accurate reading. Can anyone confirm that?

    The biggest criticism of the EFA seems to be that the digital readout is hard to see, and the light doesn't help. In that sneak peek however, it was mentioned that the SGW may *only* illuminate the digital section... which to means they each kind of cancel each other out there... Can anyone add anything to that?

    And lastly, based on everyone here's superior watch knowledge to mine... Which one is a better watch overall??

    Thanks so much for your help, this has been driving me crazy!!

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    Re: Torn between two Casio watches

    Welcome. Pictures?
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    Re: Torn between two Casio watches

    Welcome to WUS! You may want to post this over on the Casio forum.
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    Re: Torn between two Casio watches

    Sorry, here's the pics

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