Tough as nails
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    Tough as nails

    Last night I dropped my Blancpain Fifty Fathoms Bathyscaphe. Hard. I am talking from 5 feet onto concrete with a direct hit. I have NEVER dropped a watch and I have only had this one for a few weeks. I expected the worst. Aside from a dinged lug (which would have happened at some point anyway since I don’t baby my watches) it was just fine. I have been wearing it for two weeks now and it’s running +- 0 seconds even after the drop. I honestly respect Blancpain more now than ever. Who says the don’t make them like they used to?

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    Re: Tough as nails

    Congratulations on the new watch. I am glad it is okay.
    Not sure how you dropped but I try to never put on or take off my watches unless I am over a carpet floor.

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    Re: Tough as nails

    Good to hear that your watch was unharmed by its little outing.

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    Re: Tough as nails

    Whew, glad all seems okay. Great watch, too!

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    Re: Tough as nails

    Your watch has now officially begun its "history" of normal wear and tear.

    Yes -- some of these watches are tougher than nails.

    Looks like you found a good one.
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    Re: Tough as nails

    Lucky man. Probably the best spot you could have hit when dropped.

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    Re: Tough as nails

    Fantastic watch, and it's great to hear it still keeps time perfectly!

    Yep, the shock protection of mechanical movements really is a blessing. I once dropped a dress watch with a Miyota 9015 onto concrete, too, and all that happened was a small ding in the case. So a pretty similar outcome. These mechanicals can take more of a bashing than most people think.
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    Re: Tough as nails

    O U C H ! !

    At least not a direct hit to the crystal!

    Congrats on both!
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    Re: Tough as nails

    That is why to buy quality vs quantity, IMHO.

    Luck operated in your favor this time. Good for you.
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    Re: Tough as nails

    Glad it survived, but I have to add some levity to this....

    Somewhere a G-Shock is laughing.

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