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Thread: Toughest watches on a $200 budget?

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    Re: Toughest watches on a $200 budget?

    Hi all. I like these. My favourite is the MWC. It has 5mm hardened thick classic domed glass and I can attest that it is a very tough watch. I have boxed with it, worked on the truck with it, washed dishes with it, hammedered with it, smacked it hard into a painted wall, on a door frame and on metal stair rails. It has sustained a few very minor nicks to the bezzel and case edge. It is allot tougher than Luminox and Traser and Marathon. The MWC have screw down crowns and casebacks and have 316L bead blasted stainless steel cases Made in Germany. The armourlite Captain Field is tougher again. It is etxremely tough and sports 5mm thick impact resistant layered glass and a tempered stainless steel case with protruding rubber bezzel. In their add you see a fire truck drive over one and it gets hit with a hammer still intact and working. You have to be more concerned about your hand if the glass breaks they say. Both these watches feature the durable Rhonda 715Li 10 year battery life Quartz movement, screw down crowns and screw on casebacks, so they are quality, durable, long lasting and servicable watches. The last two pictured below are tritium lumed watches. Anyway I chose the MWC as its 40mm in diameter as opposed to the Armourlite which is 43mm; and because MWC's are new takes on the great classic styled pilot/ military watches from WWII, like the Rolex Speedking 10.5 Hunter. MWC have domed crowns, domed glass and domed crowns and traditionally made cases. These are roughly all around the $200 mark, maybe slightly more considering postage. Who says $200 doesn't buy a hell uv allot a watch!

    Military Watch Company (MWC) G10 100M WR
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    Military Watch Company (MWC) G10 100M WR GLS
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    Armourlite Captain Field
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    Re: Toughest watches on a $200 budget?

    Yet another vote for the Seiko SKX007 / 009 models.
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