Trending element this year?
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Thread: Trending element this year?

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    Trending element this year?

    Last was pepsi bezel, at least I would think so.

    What is/gonna be the biggest trending element(s) this year?

    Prime example of 2018 is Ball Engineer Hydrocarbon AeroGMT II in my opinion.

    I always have a soft spot for Ball, maybe is their design or unique Tritium gas tube.

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    Re: Trending element this year?

    While I love Ball, I don't see them topping the trending ladder of 2019--the only thing I've noticed recently is that there are a whole lot more microbrands giving it a run, on kickstarter or elsewhere, as I think some folks tire of the "same 'ol" from the big name manufacturers.

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    Re: Trending element this year?

    Hmm, maybe salmon (copper/rose gold...) dials? Seemed like several were launched at BaselWorld and SIHH this year.

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    Re: Trending element this year?

    Art Deco.
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    Re: Trending element this year?


    "Either he's dead or my watch has stopped"
    Groucho Marx

    "The only reason for time is so that everything does not happen at once..."
    Albert Einstein

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    Re: Trending element this year?

    I too can see art deco becoming a thing again this year. It has slowly been simmering to a boil since it's last big pop culture push.

    I think Roman Numerals are going to be much more popular this year too. The Cartier Tank having elements of both, seems to be rebuilding its popularity for the past 3-4 years. The online watch community for the most part isn't dismissing Cartier as a fashion brand anymore either, but recognizing it now as an innovator of wristwatches and good design. (With the exception of some holdouts living under a rock.)

    So I'm expect to see more Cartier watches this year.

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    Re: Trending element this year?

    Gold and two-tone is on it's way back, IMO.
    It's seems that most major brands have issued something in or expanded their offerings in gold or two-tone.
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    Re: Trending element this year?

    I reckon that Tommy may be on to something there as some form of TT does seem to be on the rise.

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    Re: Trending element this year?


    Oh. Not that kind of element.

    Never mind.

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