Tried to sell - can't pull the trigger
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Thread: Tried to sell - can't pull the trigger

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    Tried to sell - can't pull the trigger

    How many of you have had this happen? I decided I was going to sell a watch because I have too many, even though I rotate through all of them fairly often. So I got the watch, cleaned it up, took a bunch of great pictures, and fell in love with the watch all over again. :) I can't quit you, baby!

    Which watch doesn't matter. It could be any of them at this point.

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    Re: Tried to sell - can't pull the trigger

    I did that with my Omega SMP 2220 several times. I'd list it and then withdraw. In the end I did finally end up selling it.
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    Re: Tried to sell - can't pull the trigger

    When you glance at it and remember places you’ve been and times you’ve had - it can be tough!

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    Re: Tried to sell - can't pull the trigger

    I know the feeling well. Guys like us need some type of rule to get over coveting every piece. Limit on the maximum number of watches, has to fit a collection theme, hasn’t been worn in x amount of time. Whatever, anything to help us over the hump so it’s the “rule” that governs the need for divestiture not our affections.
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    Re: Tried to sell - can't pull the trigger

    Going through this now... Brain says "you got too many damn watches its ridiculous! Sell some of them and only keep a few..." then my heart says "but they are like your children and you love each one so much..."

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    Re: Tried to sell - can't pull the trigger

    I think if you get as far as taking pictures for the FS post you might as well just get on with it and sell, don’t wuss out! If you really loved the watch you’d never start taking selling photos, your gut is trying to tell you something. Sell and move on, and be happy
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    Re: Tried to sell - can't pull the trigger

    When in doubt....flip it out.
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    Re: Tried to sell - can't pull the trigger

    Last week the guy paypal F&F me for my Seiko Alpinist ... and it was all wrapped ready to be ship... and i just has to refund him .... could not do it....

    So yeah....
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    Re: Tried to sell - can't pull the trigger

    It's like knowing you need to break up with a girl, but you don't have the guts. So you keep dating her indefinitely since it's not "bad" and you don't have any better alternatives.

    Just cut the cord and free yourself up for something better. Besides, the watch isn't going to flip out, start crying, then key your car.

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    Re: Tried to sell - can't pull the trigger

    Interesting... Everytime I have thought about selling a watch just the idea of selling has ended up making me realize it was okay to sell. The fact that I had the thought to sell or trade or consider another watch means I'm not in love with it anymore.
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