Trying to start a collection

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    Trying to start a collection

    Hi all

    Total newbie to watches and collecting but have started looking and have spotted the following Smiths watch and was wondering if anyone had any info about it. Also would anyone know about the one below it.

    Thanks and any info is really appreciated.

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    Re: Trying to start a collection

    Nope. Welcome to the forum.

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    Re: Trying to start a collection

    Neither. Also welcome. Vintage watches are best left alone when starting out. Just to many potential hidden costs unless you're a watch mechanic yourself.

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    Re: Trying to start a collection

    There are far nicer Smiths watches to be had for very little money. Look for Smiths Deluxe or Smiths Astral - anything with Made in England on the dial, the Great Britain watches were made in Wales to a significantly lower standard. I picked up this Smiths Deluxe a couple of years ago on a bid for £38.00 (I think, may have been £58.00). They can be serviced in England very cheaply if you know where to look

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    Re: Trying to start a collection

    Collecting is actually one of four things:
    buying watches you like
    buying watches you like that change as you buy and learn
    buying a variety of watches you like from a variety of brands
    buying watches that you can humbly pretend you bought for purely esthetic reasons and not resale and never to just flaunt, as in; I always think I should have waited on my rolex until I graduated high school so that I could celebrate by buying it, now I have to find another suitable watch for when I graduate from (Ive League School Here), but then what do I buy when I get my (masters, doctorate, post doc, MD, JD, GOD)?
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