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    Tw steel cantee mod idea

    I toying with the idea of make my tw steel automatic but I got few questions:
    Is it possible? What movement you guys suggest?

    Thanks for the input

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    Re: Tw steel cantee mod idea

    If you have the knowledge it shouldn't be a problem. If you have not just back off. Height of the movement and diameter are the first questions you need to answer. You also need to know where to source the movement from, if the old hands will fit, where to get the spacer from and what spacer exactly, where to get new hands from and for what pivot. A lot of questions need to be answered. Good luck.
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    Re: Tw steel cantee mod idea

    Cant help you but I do want to say its a great idea, I like the design of TW watches but their quartz movements always kept me away from them, sticking an auto movement sounds like a fantastic idea.
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