Two Watch Collection. What do you think?
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Thread: Two Watch Collection. What do you think?

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    Two Watch Collection. What do you think?


    thank you for having me in this great forum!

    I need your help or your opinion.

    Built up a small collection in the last 3 years.
    I have tried to create a balanced, high-quality and varied
    collection. I'm currently wearing the watches in rotation.
    Most of all I'm wearing the SBGR053 at the moment, I would never have thought for myself, but most of the time finds this little "black pearl" on my wrist.

    Those are the watches:

    "Flieger" theme:
    SINN 857 UTC
    Robust Tool Watch, UTC/Timer Bezel

    (My) evaluation:
    + meaningful complications for me, functional
    + very robust (e.g. by full-taggimentation)
    + technical aesthetic
    + top readability

    - heavy, not very comfortable to wear on a metal band
    - already looks a bit globular and toolig at the arm

    Name:  Sinn2.jpg
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    Casual Dresser theme:
    Grand Seiko SBGR053 "Black Pearl"
    elegant, high-quality casual dress watch

    (My) evaluation:
    + Zaratsu polish, great sharpness, case design, dial and hands are perfect in my eyes
    + handmade watch, high quality movement
    + flies under the radar with "unobtrusive" Seiko branding (I like that)
    + very comfortable to wear

    - don't like the double-domed sapphire, find a simple, slightly curved sapphire glass more beautiful
    - the silver indices are a little too detailed
    - no lumification

    Name:  BP.jpg
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    Casual Dresser/Sports theme:
    Grand Seiko SBGA211 "Snowflake"
    elegant, high-quality casual dress watch with Sports-Watch DNA

    (My) evaluation:
    + Zaratsu cut, great sharpness, great hand, the most beautiful silver indices I know, great hands
    + handmade watch, accurate movement with a unique hybrid movement (mechanics/electronics)
    + temperature bluer, beautiful sliding second hand
    + flies under the radar with "unobtrusive" Grand Seiko branding (I like that)
    + very comfortable to wear due to titanium case and bracelet

    - no lumification
    - Readability sometimes somewhat difficult due to low contrast
    - Titanium is light, but I don't like the slightly greyish "shimmer" of titanium as much as stainless steel.

    Name:  SF.jpg
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    Diver topic:
    NTH Näcken Blue
    Homage of the diver watches of the 60/70s (Tudor Sub, Rolex Sub, etc)

    (My) evaluation:
    + "Topic" well implemented
    + very flat and comfortable to wear
    + very good lumification
    + robust
    + blue bezel with sunburst
    + Top readability

    - Design a little "flat" overall

    Name:  N2.jpg
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    Flieger Theme (2)
    Seiko Flightmaster
    Flyer Chronograph with slide rule, Meca Quartz, retrofitted with domed sapphire

    (My) evaluation:
    + exciting dial
    + robust
    + Meca Quartz Chronograph

    - a tad small for the subject
    - altogether a little too arbitrary
    - not so "valuable"

    Name:  FM2.jpg
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Size:  124.2 KB

    What is the problem or my "need to talk"?

    I'm more of a guy in attitude who'd like THE one watch,
    as a faithful lifelong companion (one-watch romance).

    So my idea is: I want to sell all my watches and keep two.
    And then also let the "peace" in watches theme move in... and simply
    to wear and be happy .... and not always immediately after
    the next "project".

    What do you think of that? Do you have similar experiences, such a "reduction"
    done it yourself before?

    Which 2 watches would you keep if you had the choice (I know that
    is very difficult and probably has little to do with my decision,
    but I would still be interested)

    Thank you and have a nice day

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    Re: Two Watch Collection. What do you think?

    The first four watches you've posted are great. Personally, I wouldn't get rid of those (except to maybe flip the Nacken and Flightmaster into a Pelagos or new SMP). If I were being forced to keep only two for some reason, however, I'd keep the GS pieces. They give you a light dial and a dark dial that you can wear in most situations.

    If a more complete overhaul is on the table, I'd consider keeping the Snowflake and flipping everything else for a nice, versatile dive watch (PO, SMP, Sub, etc).

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    Re: Two Watch Collection. What do you think?

    2-watch collection is possible, imo. 1-only is very VERY difficult to live with, because you lose options. With 2 watches, you can switch between them depending on the mood. A third, fourth watch have incremental, minor benefits compared to a huge benefit from a 2nd watch.

    I'd suggest to keep the "black pearl" because you mentioned you wear it often.

    The other watch should be different from the pearl, but not significantly worse (so we remove the snoflake for being too similar, and the seiko chrono for being significantly lower-quality.

    So, between the nth and the sinn, I would keep the sinn. Because the "black pearl" is already thin, small, and dressy - the nth is a little bit thin, small and dressy too. The Sinn is more different from the "pearl", so it's the better complement in a 2-watch collection.
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    Re: Two Watch Collection. What do you think?

    Id probably keep the Snowflake and the Sinn.
    Current Collection: Tudor Pelagos Blue, JLC Master Geographic, Seagull 1963

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    Re: Two Watch Collection. What do you think?

    Keep both GS.
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    Re: Two Watch Collection. What do you think?

    Keep the Snowflake and the Sinn (one tool, one dress, one with lume, one without), ditch the rest, and go on with your life. I used to have a dozen watches, but am down to four, and of those, really only wear three, which could be easily two--I hang on to the others since they are worth very little, and wouldn't be worth the effort to sell them.

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    Re: Two Watch Collection. What do you think?

    Sinn and Snowflake as well.
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    Re: Two Watch Collection. What do you think?

    More about your lifestyle. For example, do you need a 2nd time zone? Do you need a diver or highly WR watch? Both GSs are 100M resistant, straddle sporty and dressy, so you can wear them anywhere, any time. If you want a GMT, you can flip a bunch of those, keep the snowflake and buy a black dialed GMT GS.

    So, if I'm you and getting down to two watches (assuming one of them is not the chrono), I'd flip everything but the snowflake, and add a GMT you like wearing more than the Sinn (you basically say it's too big). GS makes some awesome GMTs.

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    Re: Two Watch Collection. What do you think?

    Keep the GS black pearl and get a Speedy moonwatch. That would be a very worthy two watch collection. Welcome to the forum.
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    Re: Two Watch Collection. What do you think?

    Must be a common theme here cus I’d keep the Sinn and the Snowflake too.

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