Hi guys,

Long time lurker, first time poster. Im hoping someone will know more about these two Omega watches?

One in a gold case:

Internal case markings: Dennison Watch Case co. Hallmarks 'V' & an anchor, .375, A.L.D, and a serial number. Movement marked with; 'Omega Watch Co Swiss, 15 jewels adjusted, 2 positions, and another serial number. The two (what I think are serial numbers, don't match.

And one in a silver case:

This one has two case backs, (sorry, probably not called that, I'm no expert in these things, hence coming to the experts!). On the outermost case back the markings are; (what looks like) 235, a 'U' in a circle, a 'T', 'Depose No 9846, An Omega logo that looks like a hot air balloon, a serial number, and a 'P'.

The inner case back markings are:925, the 'U' in a circle, a serial no. matching the outer case, an SA in a diamond, and a 'P' on its own

I've just found 17/622 hand etched on the outermost case back, and some other unidentifiable markings. Definitely hand done, but are so tiny, obviously done by a pro(?).

The movement is only marked with 'Omega', Swiss Made, and a serial number, which doesn't match the case.

These are also tiny, I'd guess 30mm-ish, I've attached a photo of the pair with my gaudy DateJust 36mm for comparison. I've been told theyre WW1 watches, trench watches, pilots watches, the lot. The only constant iI get is that theyre 1914-ish. If they are in fact WW1 watches, why gold & silver? Seems extravagant for a squadie. And I thought most WW1 watches were melted down for either munitions and/or tender. And their size says to me they're not pilots watches. I really have no idea what they are, and I'd love to know the history of them, if any of you experienced guys can point me in the right direction that'll be fantastic, or if you know anything about them, please do let me know!

Many thanks in advance,


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