Uhrenmuseum, Vienna - modem destroyer

Thread: Uhrenmuseum, Vienna - modem destroyer

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    Uhrenmuseum, Vienna - modem destroyer

    In February my girlfriend and I visited Vienna. The trip was notable for a number of things, mainly the fact that we got engaged, ate lots of Sachertorte and enjoyed the beautiful city of Vienna. We also went to the excellent Uhrenmuseum. Here are a few photos for you to enjoy.

    Some complicated clocks:

    You want complications? You can't handle all the complications!

    These are called 'Bilderuhr' or picture clock. The clock on the tower is a proper working clock. I've fallen in love with these things :)

    An interesting alarm function:

    Shiney, shiney wheels!

    English pocket watches:

    Something more modern:

    Your tour guide:

    It's a great museum and comes highly recommended - even my fiance didn't get too bored
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    Re: Uhrenmuseum, Vienna - modem destroyer

    I was in Vienna last year and wandered into the same museum. I particularly enjoyed the clock run by ball bearings - I wonder if I've got a shot of that one stashed somewhere.

    Nice pictures!

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    Re: Uhrenmuseum, Vienna - modem destroyer

    Looks like a very interesting museum, thanks for sharing!
    A few of this and some of the other ...

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