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    Unknown Vintage Watch

    Hello All-

    For starters I should let you know that I'm new to the Vintage Watch game.

    My Uncle recently gave and old watch because of my new interest. He told me it cost him 2 months pay back in the mid-40s.

    I don't know much about it other than how it looks.

    I recently purchased an Omega Seamaster Cosmic from the 60's and a sharp Longines from the 50's.

    I'd like to know more about this 40's watch. Wondering if anyone could shed some light on the subject.

    It's marked Philippe Watch Extra. And on the back it reads Swiss Made. \

    My uncle was the original owner and all the parts are original. It's recently been serviced.

    Thanks in advance!
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    Re: Unknown Vintage Watch

    Welcome to Watchuseek and welcome to the Public Forum as well. You may not have noticed that we have a Forum for Pocket and Vintage watches. I'd inquire there.

    Nonetheless, your "inherited" watch is gold plated ("Fond acier"). I wouldn't rate it to date from the mid 40ties. I would have estimated late 50ties to the mid 60ties but according to what your uncle said I must be wrong
    Sometimes a pic of the movement is a enormous help to date a watch, so please post a pic here or on our Vintage Watches Forum.


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    Re: Unknown Vintage Watch

    Thanks Mike for guiding me in the right direction!

    Most appreciated!

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