Unusual watch compliments
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Thread: Unusual watch compliments

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    Unusual watch compliments

    I always see the comment, "No one notices/cares what you wear, just wear what you want..." While very true, I had my first "notice" today and it was unusual enough to share. If you have any out of the ordinary stories, feel free to share! Here's mine, I'll keep it short:

    I'm a cop. I answered a call for service at a local sporting good store regarding a shoplifter. Pretty typical, simple arrest, report, and charges. I get there and they had the guy detained in the loss prevention office. I get the info that I need and take him outside. Before I put him in the car, I search him and find a bunch of pills... now another charge and I have to go tag the dope... great, more paperwork. I ask him where he was from and he tells me, "Romania." Suspicious, I ask, "Are you Romanian... or would you say Roma?" He smiled, winked, and said, "Nice Rolex, how much you pay for it? I could get you a really good deal on another one...." I laughed, said, "Quiet, gypsy," and put him in the car. Then, his brother, who was waiting in the parking lot, comes up and begs me not to arrest him. After I explain to him that it's done and he should go, he starts to walk away, stops, turns and says, "Hey, nice Rolex officer..." I cut him off with, "No, stop, just go."

    Now, I come in contact with so many people during a shift and NO ONE notices, or gives a damn, about my Explorer. My first comment/compliment has to be from a gypsy as he's being arrested for possession and theft.
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    Re: Unusual watch compliments

    Nice story...i got a laugh out of it :D
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    Re: Unusual watch compliments

    Clearly, you have a higher class of criminal in Houston ;)
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    Re: Unusual watch compliments

    I laughed at the 2nd guy....especially when you cut him off lol
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    Re: Unusual watch compliments

    Haha, nice. Funny story. =)

    People mostly only notice my watch at either a watch store, or, for some reason, every time I walk into Cartier. A couple months ago though, I was wearing my JLC and someone said to me, "Hey, nice watch. I bet you paid at least $200 for it." I just smiled and replied, "Yup, at least!"
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    Re: Unusual watch compliments

    Gotta love being noticed lol. I would love a wrist shot cheers and glad everything at least turned out ok for you just don't let them get a curse or your address lol.

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    Re: Unusual watch compliments

    I never get compliments on my watches.

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    Re: Unusual watch compliments

    I think it's unusual I always seem to get compliments on my cheap beater fossils, ect.... Wore a Seamaster for almost 10 years. Nothing at all. Bah.
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    Re: Unusual watch compliments

    OP, how have your colleagues in the force react to the Rolex? Rolexes for better or worse have status symbol connotations, I wonder how it's perceived in law enforcement.
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    Re: Unusual watch compliments

    OP...It's their job to notice the watches they plan to steal.....
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