A little background: the above mentioned are currently my "grail" watches. As a big fan of great deals Ive been watching their prices mainly on the WUS sales forum, and on the 'bay auction site. And while I believe the WUS forum to be safer and more reliable, I have to honestly say that the very best deals on both watches were to be found on the auction site. I should mention that I look for watches in 95% and above condition, and the POs are the 45mm, the B&R in pvd with roman numerals.

I actually posted about the great BR02 that went for $2450 a few months ago on the auction site, and just recently I watched a great PO go for exactly $2000.

From what I have seen, the best deals on a 45mm PO at WUS have been 2100 and up, and I dont think Ive ever seen a BR02 go for much less than $3000 here.

Off course this is just two watches from my subjective experience, and I wonder how others may have made similar observations.