URGENT HELP REQUIRED! info on watch company

Thread: URGENT HELP REQUIRED! info on watch company

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    URGENT HELP REQUIRED! info on watch company

    I am Ryan Read-Gaterell I work for a company that sells’s jewelry and I have been brought on to deal with a back log of Product sample that need
    Returning To Vendors. Some of these back date to 2001! Here lies my problem. I desperately need some information on 1 company that seems to come up alot on here. CONSTANTIN DURMONT. I have 3 of there watches and can not find anything on the company!

    I will leave descriptions at the bottom of this post but if anyone can help me find out the Manufacture, website, suppliers anything on them I would be eternally grateful. I have seen else where online that they come with a 2 year warranty, so is there any information we can get from that?

    I once again would appreciate any help that can be given.

    Kindest Regards and Thanks

    Ryan Read-Gaterell

    WATCH 1:
    constantin durmont FS00 (Miyota Japan Movement) CHRONOGRAPH
    visage sports
    Ref: 1922
    Serial: 2294
    8 Genuine Diamonds set in Black dial.

    WATCH 2:
    18ct gold

    WATCH 3:
    18ct gold plated Sapphire crystal
    genuine leather strap
    genuine diamonds set in Black dial
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    Re: URGENT HELP REQUIRED! info on watch company

    Constantin Durmont = garbage. Chinese watch trash with a German name, to deceive potential buyers. Believe made in China by Millionsmart Enterprises.

    Notice the name, Constantin Durmont. Designed to confuse people by using part of the name of a real watch company, Vacheron Constantin.

    Also note, Constatin Durmon is listed in the TrustedWatch blacklist.

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    Re: URGENT HELP REQUIRED! info on watch company

    Just another mushroom brand....................with no history and most likely made in the PRoC made for online sales.


    The Finewatch Ltd.
    Normannenweg 39, DE - 20537 Hamburg
    Tel +49 (0)40 51 31 95 48
    Fax +49 (0)40 51 31 94 46
    E-Mail: [email protected]

    Head Office:
    The Finewatch Limited - 69 Great Hampton Street - B 18 6EW Birmingham, GB

    Any affiliation with QVC Shopping Channel ?
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    Re: URGENT HELP REQUIRED! info on watch company

    Good grief.... If you are trying to sell some watches then please just post them on the sales forum. I do not remember seeing that name before on WUS and given it's origins I understand why.

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