valuation of Custom dials
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Thread: valuation of Custom dials

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    valuation of Custom dials

    It's not uncommon to see dials from major watch companies be customized for a group or corporation. For example, you've seen Rolex's made on behalf of royalty, and this Tudor example here:

    These are uniquely made by the manufacturer vs. being altered post sale.

    Given the watches are unique, limited in supply and often engraved w/ their # ( example: 7 of 70), does that increase their resale value down the line, or reduce it as it may turn people off?

    Curious as to how the market feels about these.
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    Re: valuation of Custom dials

    I think that depends on customization and who they are for.

    Rolex SeaDweller Comex - appreciated quite a bit, made for French commercial diving company, had to go to extreme depths. Cool stuff
    Rolex Datejust Domino's - leaves me scratching my head. Nice watch, but the pizza connection is nonsense. I expect value dipped

    Rolex made exclusively for US President is likely to go up in price.
    Rolex made exclusively for a Lybian dictator (don't think it exists, but there was I believe Blancpain or Chopard or some other brand that made them for Gaddafi) - is rather repulsive.
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