Victorinox chronopro fake?

Thread: Victorinox chronopro fake?

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    Victorinox chronopro fake?

    Hi all!

    First time poster here! I'm looking to buy a Victorinox chronopro but as you are all aware it's been discontinued so I'm unable to buy it from an AD.

    I have seen a couple for sale on eBay. I am particularly interested in this ad. from a seller called 'thebeautysampler'

    Victorinox Swiss Army Chronopro Mechanical Automatic MEN'S Watch 241451 | eBay

    I've emailed him asking for the serial and to ask if it was genuine. He said it's not that he doesn't trust me but he is wary of scammers and feels uncomfortable providing me the serial number. He assures me it's genuine. Now what do you guys think? Has there been many chronopro fakes and does this one seem fake to you? Thanks!

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    Re: Victorinox chronopro fake?

    Welcome to the forum!

    He has good feedback for similarly-priced items (Victorinoxes, in fact) so you should be fine. Some people are overly cautions about showing serial numbers - I've never really known why - maybe in case they become used on the backs of fakes and get blacklisted or something. Should be fine. And if not then file PP claim.

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    Re: Victorinox chronopro fake?

    I think it's real deal...The pictures are.
    LOL...Do you really think, if it was a scam, he would tell you it was fake simply because you asked?
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    Re: Victorinox chronopro fake?

    I agree with Geoff - he has good feedback so you probably are OK. In these cases the seller is more important than anything else.

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