Victorinox original lume job update

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    Victorinox original lume job update

    Hi all, just wanted to share an update of the lume job I did on the sub dial of my victorinox original. The lume came out great and I figured while I had the watch apart I might as well add a little pop to it haha! I swapped out the hands as the factory ones were kind of difficult to read and the lume was terrible. Orange might not be for everyone but I like it and it has a nice look. Thanks for checking it out.
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    Re: Victorinox original lume job update

    Not a fan of the mercedes but liking everything else, good job!

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    Re: Victorinox original lume job update

    Looks like a mismatched pair of hands--like the original set (or almost anything else) much better. The lume is probably an improvement, but we need a "before" lume pict before we can see what kind of improvement has been made.

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