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    Vintage Baume & Mercier - info wanted

    I usually hang around the Omega forum and wasn't quite sure where to post this so this seemed like a good place to start.
    A colleague is looking for some info on a watch that recently came into his possession from his grandfather. All we have so far is the brand and a picture:

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    There are no goldmarks so it is most likely goldplated. From the style I would guess late 50's to 60's but who's to say..
    Anyways, any info you guys might be able to give will be appreciated!

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    Re: Vintage Baume & Mercier - info wanted

    I Email B&M when I need information on vintage watches from them. They take about a week or so to reply, but they give me all the information they have on the watch. I would guess early sixties for the year of manufacture. It may have an Adolf Schild movement, but can't be sure without a shot of the movement. I would say everything looks original on the watch. His grandfather must have kept the watch in a drawer. The dial is in excellent condition.
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