A vintage beater?
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Thread: A vintage beater?

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    A vintage beater?

    It's like an oxymoron, since vintage almost always evokes some degree of fragility...

    However, I've been toying with the idea of using a vintage Certina/Rado in NOS condition as my everyday watch:

    This is the Diamaster, the result of a joint venture between Rado and Certina during the late seventies.

    It is made of tungsten carbide, so it is tough and allegedly robust enough. The crystal is facetated sapphire, so also convenient for a vintage piece that will enjoy plenty of wrist time...

    I do get that an everyday watch does not necessarily mean to be a beater. But I've always liked to use a robust piece and stop caring about most issues.

    But, am I entitled to stop caring?

    Do you think I could find it problematic to use a vintage watch almost daily?

    I mean, I don't know how resistant a 40 year old movement is. The case might be made of an outstanding material, but what if a violent movement is enough to damage the machine?

    The watch is in NOS condition, the lubricants have been replaced and the seals restored. I wouldn't take it near the water, though...

    So what do you think?

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    Re: A vintage beater?

    Nice watch, I like the idea but I couldn't live without the lume :(

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    Re: A vintage beater?

    Works for me.

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    Re: A vintage beater?

    Nice piece!
    No worries,the movement can take it:) it's good to go imo...
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    Re: A vintage beater?

    That's nice! Though I'm probably a bit biased wearing a Speedy Mark III (1973) with a pretty similar case style as I type... : ) I'd say go for it as a daily wearer, really don't think you'll have any particular issues... best of luck!
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    Re: A vintage beater?

    A TC Rado/Certina diastar is a great choice as a beater. Just a quick wipe and it's good as new.
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    Re: A vintage beater?

    The Diastar is really cool looking and unique.

    I think there are no issues on wearing it as a daily watch. I have a Sub from the 70's and an Air King from 1980 that I use as daily wearers. The only drawbacks are the lume is no longer present and I don't abuse or test its WR by showering or swimming with either piece. But they still get caught in the rain or soaked when I wash my hands or the dishes. And by daily wearer, I mean I pretty much wear them every waking hour (and sometimes even to sleep) and for most activities. So far, they've performed totally fine.

    In the end, there is vintage and there is vintage. For me, these stainless steel sports watches from the 70's and 80's may be technically "vintage", but they are pretty much like any modern watch - maybe a little smaller in dimensions being the big difference. Real vintage for me are those gold cased swiss dress watches that seemed ubiquitous during the post WW2 period that seem to require a little extra careful wear if you are engaged in anything more physical than sitting at the desk, and just being in the rain with them may easily cause moisture to get in the case. I have a few of those watches and while I enjoy wearing them, I find them not so useful for wearing more than a few days.
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    Re: A vintage beater?

    Nice looking Diamaster that should should work as well as a new one for daily wear because the movement was serviced and case seals replaced.

    Half of my collection is vintage dating from the 1950's to 1970's and they all get worn. Nice thing about wearing a vintage watch like yours is that it is all but unique. You won't see someone else wearing one like it.
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    Re: A vintage beater?

    It was designed to be worn daily. No worries whatsoever, enjoy your watch.

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    Re: A vintage beater?

    If the seals are reasonably good and the movement's been serviced, not much else is drastically different from a Rado you could buy off-the-shelf today.

    If you would wear a Rado in your daily life and not worry about trashing it, this one's a go.

    Wear it in good health!

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