Is this Vintage Rolex worth USD11,682
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Thread: Is this Vintage Rolex worth USD11,682

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    Is this Vintage Rolex worth USD11,682

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    Hi guys,
    I came across this beautiful red sub and kinda get interested in this whole vintage business. The seller is asking for USD 11,682 for it and I'm wondering if its too expensive? I cant quite tell if its an open six or closed six. It looks more like semi closed six to me. Any Jedi care to share their knowledge in this matter?
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    Re: Is this Vintage Rolex worth USD11,682

    Really not possible to do an evaluation over the internet. You should look up comps and most important establish the sellers reputation. The price makes me think the watch is sold somewhere other than USD currency would indicate.
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    Re: Is this Vintage Rolex worth USD11,682

    A 1970 Submariner 1680 RED sold for 11.000 Euro which gives you an idea.
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    Re: Is this Vintage Rolex worth USD11,682

    Appears to be a red sub, but I'm not the expert on authenticity. Lume looks too light (most are more of a yellowish and aged). According to the Watch Time Submariner history guide a real one sold in 2006 for $16K. This looks like it may have been at least redialed which would kill its value. Should post on Rolex forum...more authorities there.
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    Re: Is this Vintage Rolex worth USD11,682

    is it worth it is mostly depending on you,

    but I can tell you that you could get them for less (for a red Submariner)

    as for authenticity, I'm sure it's mostly authentic/original

    from experience and first hand knowledge, a lot of the watches (especially Rolex) coming from Korea, HK, Singapore are mostly original - meaning that they have aftermarket parts, either in the movement or add-ons (not surprising given that they are vintage watches)

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    Re: Is this Vintage Rolex worth USD11,682

    They generally go for much less, but this one almost looks too clean. Maybe new-old-stock (in which I case I would expect it to go for more), or maybe redial and polished?

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    Re: Is this Vintage Rolex worth USD11,682

    I looked at a few reds that sold in the forums here over the years, and a few things stood out to me. 1) this is a super popular model to knock off. 2) does that pearl look a little to the left, or am I just seeing things? 3) the bezel insert font looks modern to me. 4) the red subs I found listed in the sales forums were not simply marked "SWISS". I'm not any kind of an expert here, but I thought the usual marking was "SWISS - T < 25", and that's what I found on the ones in the sales forum.

    Again, if any of these observations seem inaccurate, please correct me. I'm not a vintage Rolex expert.

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    Re: Is this Vintage Rolex worth USD11,682

    Can be a Mk viii with Rolex service dial...the one with "swiss", luminova and the submariner wording wider than the dept wording...

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    Re: Is this Vintage Rolex worth USD11,682

    Vintage Rolexes are a good way to get burned if you don't know your stuff. I would head over to the Rolex Forum, where they have a vintage Rolex subforum, and you should be able to get more useful information there.

    The Red Submariner you've posted looks (suspiciously) pristine, and the dial marking do seem unusual, since as mentioned above, it typically states "Swiss - T < 25" at the bottom, and tritium lume tends to discolor with time. If it is authentic, then it has the Mark VIII (Luminova) Red Sub Service Dial, which should look like the following:

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    Re: Is this Vintage Rolex worth USD11,682

    Forgive the intrusion, but what makes this model so valuable? Why not take the same money and buy a shiny new Rolex?

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