Vintage Watch Restorer in DC Area?

Thread: Vintage Watch Restorer in DC Area?

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    Vintage Watch Restorer in DC Area?

    I recently inherited a couple of cool vintage automatics, a Vulcain and a Gruen. I'm looking for someone in the DC area who can clean, lube, repair, and still keep the vintage look, in other words, no extra work or polishing to "look like it was brand new!". Someone who is trustworthy and understands the WIS. Anyone with any experience?

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    Re: Vintage Watch Restorer in DC Area?

    I've had two good experiences with Yakov at Kensignton Watch & Clock. He's a bit kookie, but he's done a good job repairing and regulating my watches.

    Kensington Clock

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    Vintage Watch Restorer in DC Area?

    Check out 24 hrs watch & clockworks in Arlington. I've had good experience with the watchmaker, Mr Lee Tang.

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