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    Vintage WWII Hamilton Retailers

    Hey Guys,

    Does anyone know of a reliable retailer of vintage, WWII-era Hamiltons? I'm new to the vintage Hamilton hobby, so I can't give you more specifications than, just: original (WWII-era) and Hamilton.

    As always, thanks for your collective patience and wisdom!
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    Re: Vintage WWII Hamilton Retailers

    Hi. You should post your request on the Vintage and Pocketwatch forum on WUS. I've got a small collection of art deco pocketwatches including a couple of hammies that came from estate sales. I'm not aware of anyone who specializes in WWII era watches. You might try Finer Times, Watchcat and Gisbert Joseph for starters.
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    Re: Vintage WWII Hamilton Retailers

    Agree. The vintage guys should be better suited to help answer your questions.
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