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    Picture Visit to Van der Gang Watches

    Dear all, hope you will like my little photo report.

    In the pitoresk city of Dokkum with the old City Hall ..

    ... and the atmosphere of ancient times ...

    ... you can find the domestic of Van der Gang Watches, located in an old school building.

    Clearly an English (international) name for a Dutch company.

    Inside the old school one can feel and experience the beautiful designed and clean rooms. Every detail has the master's touch.

    Meet the master, Mr. Wybe van der Gang.

    We were invited to test the normal case on the left and the extra hardened case on the right (Van der Gang's own development)

    After dropping the cases multiple times, one can clearly see the dings on the normal case.

    Where the extra hardened case is still looking brand new.

    The room in which the movement plates are designed and produced.

    Every process is done by computerized machinery.

    The result.

    Van der Gang parts were showcased in every room. Here's a picture of the date pointer.

    The polishing room for the last touch by hand.

    All tubes and pipes.

    Drilling of the holes in the side of the case.

    The watchmaker's workbench.

    And the Van der Gang masterpiece: Complication Moon.

    Retail price appr. 14,000 Euros.

    Special thanks to Mr. Van der Gang who gave me exclusive permission to take pictures and to Gerrie and Natasja for the warm and friendly welcome and their attention. For an overview of the entire collection please visit
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    Re: Visit to Van der Gang Watches

    Excellent, thanks for that. Very interesting! I am in the area very often, so I will no doubt visit one day as well...

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    Re: Visit to Van der Gang Watches

    Great report! Thanks for sharing. I wish them all the best.

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    Re: Visit to Van der Gang Watches

    Thank you for sharing. Great pictures, great timepiece.
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    Re: Visit to Van der Gang Watches

    +1 Fantastic pics of even more fantastic watches.

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    Re: Visit to Van der Gang Watches

    Great watch, great building, great pics and report :thanks

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    Re: Visit to Van der Gang Watches

    Wow! That's one crazy experience!

    So I see you finally met Van and the Gang at Van Der Gang watch!

    LOL! Sorry, couldn't let that one pass!

    Cool pics and thanks for sharing it with us. It musta been one cool trip and experience.
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    Re: Visit to Van der Gang Watches

    Thanks for the post -- I had no idea about the in-house movement plate manufacturing... I read about these guys in IW and of course, that publication tends to be lacking in the technical department.

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    Re: Visit to Van der Gang Watches

    where can we purchase these watches? it should be easier to see prices and products.

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    Re: Visit to Van der Gang Watches

    Found the website : Van der Gang Watches . Thanks for the great report, pictures and introduction.

    Oops, didn't realize that there was link at the end of the post. Anyway, thanks for the great report!
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