Vulcain Alarm hand wound watch - please help identify

Thread: Vulcain Alarm hand wound watch - please help identify

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    Vulcain Alarm hand wound watch - please help identify

    Does anybody know what model vulcain this is and its value?
    it has an alarm and is hand wound.
    please let me know, thanks!Name:  vulcain alarm.JPG
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    Re: Vulcain Alarm hand wound watch - please help identify

    Unfortunately not a Vulcain Cricket. Model: Alarm.
    The Vulcain Alarm was a less expensive version with no double back. So the Alarm is not as loud as the Cricket. Due to custom regulations those times a lot of the Vulcain Alarm watches were assembled in the US. Your does not feature a Vulcain movement (cal. 120) but an A.Schild AS 1930. All in all a Vulcain Alarm is less desirable compared to a Vulcain Cricket and it is, of course, not as valuable as a Cricket.

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    Re: Vulcain Alarm hand wound watch - please help identify

    Mike pretty much summed it up for you spyguy. Not worth very much since it's not Vulcain's famous "Cricket" model or the "President's" model, which was given to a number of US President's.

    Alarm watches are pretty cool though and I had a Bulova "Wrist Alarm" that worked fairly well for a manual winder. The alarm would actually go off ~ 10 minutes of alarm time and was really loud if laid on a table with the back down but somewhat muted if worn on the wrist.

    But I found the main problem was that to set the alarm you had to pull out one of the crowns, but if you bent your wrist back it would unknowingly turn the alarm off. Also, if the alarm went off in loud surroundings and you didn't hear or feel it going off, it would run down the watch to a point where the watch would have no more gas and quit running.
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    Re: Vulcain Alarm hand wound watch - please help identify

    thanks all for the replies!

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