warranty when bought from international ebay seller?

Thread: warranty when bought from international ebay seller?

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    warranty when bought from international ebay seller?

    Hi all.

    I bought 2 new casios(1 a g-shock) off ebay, both power sellers being in Hong Kong. This was about 6 months back.

    In both of the little accompanying instruction booklet is written:

    "This warranty certificate is valid only for service in the country of purchase."

    So if I bought it from someone in HK, and I am in Australia, where is the country of purchase?

    Also, would a printout of the ebay invoice be sufficient proof of purchase for the warranty?


    PS - I asked this question in the G-Shock forum in the below thread, but I didn't get any reassuring answers, especially in the cases of more expensive watches.


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    Re: warranty when bought from international ebay seller?

    I'd play it with a straight bat. Tell your retailer that you purchased it overseas and want to claim on warranty. The worst that can happen is that you might not get the warranty service. Or they may just stand by the brand and do the right thing. Cut or slog you'll still get the watch repaired.

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