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    Watch Apparel?

    I know some manufacturers make some apparel such as hatsa dn shirts for the general public, but is there somewhere we can go for such things. All the ones I seem to have found are all freebies to cherished customers, or direct from maunfacturers wesbites and are hard to see or order.

    I know we are sad already that we have to change watches 5 times a day, without wearing adverts for them as well, but humour me please.


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    Re: Watch Apparel?

    I'd check regular old E-bay first. I got an Omega cap off a Dutch version of E-bay, and there's plenty of stuff floating around from all brands. Usually the guys who sell complete boxsets also have access to other stuff like jewellers displays, promo-material, etc.

    Worth a shot if you're looking for something particular

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    Re: Watch Apparel?

    Checking ebay is what I do too. I got a lot of watch related pins from ebay (Rolex, GO, Blancpain, Seiko, Certina).

    Another possibility: Mail them and ask for merchandise products like pens, T-shirts, polo-shirts ore something like that. It´s up to you to find the right "approach".

    Some do sell their stuff: Magnifier, polish cloth, collector´s boxes, DVD, books, lanyards, key chanes, ties, caps, polo-shirts, pens (e.g.: Chronoswiss, Glashütte Original).
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