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    Watch band question

    I was just wondering how this works.. Is it just a matter of getting the lug width right or is it more complicated than that? As an example, I tried looking for watch bands for the Seiko SNA411 pilot watch but I've just not been able to find any retailer online that sells the original band.

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    Re: Watch band question

    Maybe this is a question for the guys over at the strapsuseek forum.
    I think it depends on if the kind of strap/bracelet you want to get has curved endlinks or not...

    Good luck

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    Re: Watch band question

    Most retailers do not carry OE bands or bracelets, you can always check the distributor or an AD can order one but it can be quite expensive.

    Most after market bracelets aren't fitted to specific watches due to the huge number of case variations, it would take a lot of money and time to make endlinks to fit every case a watchmaker sells, that is why most after market bracelets have straight end links.

    If you are good with the straight end link look just order the size that will fit the lugs on the watch.

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    Re: Watch band question

    This site can source original Seiko bands.....just send a request with the model number etc and they will send you a link if they have it. I bought a bracelet for an old Kinetic and some links for another. I also sourced a Pulsar Bracelet here.
    Later, Gary

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