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    Watch bezel damage

    Hi everyone,
    I understand that you've all probanly already answered this question a hundred times but im panicking and all sorts of stuff. Basically the thing is that i was driving my bicycle and fell and scratched my watches bezel. The watch itself isnt that expensive or good but it has sentimental value to me since my passed away grandpa gave it to me as a way to remeber him, it is a Festina model f37 (or so it says on the box) i dont know there is a way to fix it i dont even know if Festina sells spare parts, here are some pictuees of it
    Thanks to everyone in advance!
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    Re: Watch bezel damage

    Sorry i made a couple of spelling mistakes haha!
    Probably*, i dont know if* and pictures*.

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    Re: Watch bezel damage

    Those don't look too deep. Maybe they could be polished a bit, but I'm not sure I would advise doing that to an heirloom watch.
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    Re: Watch bezel damage

    Here is the Festina website. Who knows, they may have parts so send an email.
    If that doesn't work contact a good local watch repair shop to see if the damage can be repaired or minimized. I suspect it can.
    Or look for a donor watch on Ebay. Because the bezel is prominent finding one in better condition will be a challenge.

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