This post is to get some idea on a watch book I can give myself for x-mas - so here is my present collection - but I would love some input and "review" for my next book.

Watch books and books about watches has never been very high on my list - but somehow I have collected some few books.
And because these books normally cost a little I don't go out and buy one after the other. But also because X-mas can come faster than
you think - I will give a short overview of the books I have and read. And my simple "review" of each book.

Well to tell the true, I have always loved to check out catalog of different watch brands, and the "better" the better the catalogue - the more fun it
is. So I used to collect many different catalogues and enjoyed looking through these and dreaming of which watch I could own.

Well the first real watch book was a danish one - made by the danish WIS king - K. Haagen - his book is in danish but it has given me many
hours of fun reading. I can recommend this book to anyone that knows danish.

My present little book collection is:

Kristian Haagen :The best of swiss watches

Martin Skeet & Nick Urul : Vintage Rolex Sports watches

James M. Dowling: The Best of Time Rolex wristwatches - 2.ed

Fabienne Reybaud: Watches - The ultimate guide

Michael Balfour:Cult Watches.

Here comes my personal meaning of these books - they are each very different and some are "better" than others - but all in all, they
can each give some fun hours of reading and looking at pictures.

The fist -"The best of swiss watches" was one I got as my first watch book - the good part of this book is that you can read it almost as a normal book.
Some good and very information text and the photos is nice as well.
I can only recommend this book - it is in danish - but if it was in english it would be a sure winner.

I really hope there will be a new second edition soon.

Some photos from the book.

The Second - "Vintage Rolex Sports watches" - This was for me a high end book - the price was a little more than I would normally pay, but as I'm a vintage Rolex guy
this was a book I needed. The photos are "to nice" - I'm more to realistic photos than photoshopped photos. Somehow this pull the quality a little down. But anyone
interested in vintage sport rolex should have this as reference book. I would love a more detailed book with real photos - I know there are out there but the cost...

This book has given me many hours of joy - but this book is for the WIS - that finds it funny to check out the many different version of a model.
The main thing in this book is the chronologic information on different models and the "to good" photos. The book also included some auction watches and their prices. Well
if only I had attended some of these auctions....
In addition some ad hoc information on boxe, fakes, price ranges, etc...
In general this would give you many hours of enjoyment - this is for the WIS person.

Some photos from the book.

The Next Book - "The Best of Time Rolex wristwatches - 2.ed" - Is by many seen as the ultimate Rolex reference book.

And this massive book does consist of so much information that you will be getting back to this book again and again. It covers all aspect of rolex watches - including some very rare rolex watches - that I would never had any idea existed if not for this book. This is for the person interested in the history of Rolex - from the very first pre-rolex watches to the present models. It is a big and heavy book. To a start I read about the more modern rolex sports watches - but I have returned to read about Kev-A watches, etc...
A book that would for sure give any WIS many hours of joy and lots of information.

The Book Watches - The ultimate guide.
Well this was just a book I found on the net - got it - but somehow it goes not meet any of the other books in
relation to information for a WIS. It is a OK book for anyone starting getting interested in watches - but for me
it is a little to "basic".
It is more or less "just" a walk through of the different brands - nothing special for me.
I could think of given this book away.

The Last Book for now - "Cult Watches."- This I got from a watchmaker - he fixed my rotor in my Panerai 25C for a very small sum - so as he had some books for sell - I asked which one he could recommend. And this was it.
Well it is OK - almost like K. Haggens "The best of swiss watches" - it gives some good info on different brands. So again this book would be fine for anyone interested in watches - but it is not as detailed as " Vintage Rolex Sports watches" or "The Best of Time Rolex wristwatches".
So for anyone not yet a full WIS it is a good book - but maybe a little to general for me.

Now Lets have your review of watch book - so I know what to get for my self for x-mas

Best Regards

Jan J