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    Watch Books

    Despite being into watches, I've never bought a watch book of any sort, either for a specific brand or a general one that covers many brands. In fact, I've never even really thought about buying one, probably because I get most of my information off this site, TZ and various other sites.

    Then I saw one called "The Watch" in a bookshop the other day and really, really liked it. It covers a great variety of brands and has an intro and pictures on each, as well as a short history of watches. Good coffee table material, I thought. So it's on my christmas list for this year! And I think I'll get one for my Dad's Christmas, too, as he is also into watches.

    Do you have any other good watch book recommendations, either brand specific or general?

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    Re: Watch Books

    Wristwatch Anual 2007 by Peter Braun, Heel publishers.

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    Re: Watch Books

    Erm....ahhh,......shameless plug


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