Which watch? Bremont vs IWC vs Sinn?
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Thread: Which watch? Bremont vs IWC vs Sinn?

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    Which watch? Bremont vs IWC vs Sinn?

    New to WUS so hello!

    I'm driving myself insane trying to choose between three watches, so I need some advice/opinions before I choose! this will be my first 'proper' watch, and i will be keeping for years and years, so it needs to last.
    I am living in Sydney so unfortunately there is no way I can try on any of the watches in real life (no ad's)

    the three watches i am considering are:
    1. Bremont U2 DLC, $3500 pre-owned
    2. IWC mark XV ref IW325301, $3300 pre-owned
    3. Sinn 856 s utc, $2700 new

    this is where I am at currently:

    - I like everything about this watch except the size. the case, the dial, the movement, the company, the packaging, the non-common-ness of it (especially in Australia). the only issue is the size. I have a relatively small wrist ~7 inches so I feel that 43mm is really pushing the limits of wearability for me. plus the 16mm thickness seems pretty large. does this watch wear small or large? if it was 39 or 40mm I would have bought it yesterday.

    - this watch is the most timeless of the three, and so I think will be a safe option. I really like the size of the watch but am unsure about the quality of the movement and/or the case construction. the price seems to be quite steep for a relatively common watch with no significant technological advancements in comparison to the other two. what are people's opinions on this watch?

    - this is the safest choice, I see it as a middle ground between the two, I'm not overly excited about the movement but everything else about the watch is pretty clever, I especially appreciate the over-engineering of every detail in the case construction. I'm not sure about the supposed 'eggshell' effect, how realistic is this issue?

    I like the bremont and the iwc the best, but any opinions would be great!

    thanks guys!

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    Re: Which watch? Bremont vs IWC vs Sinn?

    Well those are all fine brands and you can't really mess up here.
    I think you're ok with 43mm on a 7" wrist so I wouldn't let that stop me but 16 mm is pretty tall.
    I certainly wouldn't worry about shabby case construction or a poor mvmnt. with the IWC.
    I've owned 2 regimented Sinn's and no scratches.
    The cases aren't disaster proof but I don't buy stuff thinking it might get destroyed.
    I'd get the IWC myself.
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    Re: Which watch? Bremont vs IWC vs Sinn?


    Welcome to WUS! I'm pretty darn new around here too, I've found it to be an interesting place and I hope you find the experience as enjoyable as I have so far.

    To start, I must admit that I've never handled any of these watches personally; I'll share my opinions but you should take them with copious amounts of salt. :)

    I have a great deal of love for Sinn watches; they're overbuilt, strong, precisely made, and well-designed... at least to me they are very good-looking watches. So I'd personally go with that (I'd actually go with a Sinn 556, but that is neither here nor there), but from your post it seems that the Sinn is your least favorite option. So I'll move on to the other two.

    The Bremont isn't very appealing to me aesthetically, but that's up to personal preference. The biggest issue is the size; while 43mm isn't extremely large, the face/bezel ratio is pretty high on this watch (the bezel is very thin and the face is large), so it will look larger than other 43mm watches. And like you said, it's also a very thick watch, so I think it might wear a bit large.

    I think the IWC is a good option but I don't have any experience with that brand so I'll let someone with more mileage inform you with regards to that.

    Hope you end up enjoying whatever you decide on, and again, welcome to the forums.

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    Re: Which watch? Bremont vs IWC vs Sinn?

    All your choices are very nice. Since you're concerned about the size of the Bremont, if it doesn't fit right, it won't be worn, so I'd strike that. Sinn is great as well, but of the three, I'd go IWC and never look back. IWC is quality in every respect and for a watch you want to own and enjoy for many years, it won't let you down.
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    Which watch? Bremont vs IWC vs Sinn?

    I thought about the similar comparison before. Although I never handled a the IWC Mark XV myself, but I handled a few IWC and all of the watches mentioned by the OP. So here's my two cents- Bremont is a stunner in person. I never thought I would like them when reading about them online, but once I touched and played with a MB ii I am hooked. Well, whether you will like the look or not is a very subjective thing, but Bremont has got a slight upper hand in terms of the feeling of the finish product and packaging presentation. Everything, the crowns, the click of the inner rotating bezel, the feel of winding, the strap, the barrel case, the hands all feel super solid; plus it's got COSC cert. Not that Sinn is not solid, but I really feel Bremont is really a touch finer. Spec-wise, like Sinn, bremont is also on the path toward over-engineering, anti-shock, anti-magnetic, harden case, etc. Style-wise, Bremont is a fairly new company, so I feel they got fresher looks; and their resale value is really good at this point.

    The 856 S UTC, I own one, and the reason why I bought it was because its technological advance, it's got dual time zone, and it looks really good. It's really a watch that you'll always go back to. Even if you fall in love with another watch, you'll always go back to it from time to time. I don't own the Bremont yet, so I can say it will do the same for me. One thing I did notice was that if really do wear your watch daily and take it through thick and thin, bremont might not age as well as sinn. The tegimented steel is really that durable. You can found many used ones without any nick or scratch. The PVD tegimented is a little less resistant to blemishes, say if knocked on something, but pretty good with scratches. Another thing you'll need to look out is the GMT alignment. Many people, including myself, have experienced the GMT hand slowly goes out of alignment. It might not have bothered other people, but it sure did bother me. Overall, I think I'd say Sinn has got more models that I want, then the Bremont, but those are not part of this discussion.

    Now, IWC to me is a little different. Its got a bigger name, and higher end pedigree, which means a more inflated price-tag. However, not all of their lines are worth considering giving their price range. No offense, but Mark XV with the ETA movement is not something I have great interest in. Yes, it's got the IWC name and it looks nice, but i would rather spend my 3.3k else where. Maybe a different model of IWC?

    Oh, if you never handled a 856 with bracelet, you might find the bracelet a little thin and light and maybe a little flimsy. That's the design and it takes a little time to get used to, if you were expecting 3-4mm solid stainless steel. But they fit very comfortably.

    EDIT: About the size - if you got a 6.5 or above wrist, flat or round, they'll probably all fit well. The 43mm on the bremont doesn't feel much larger than my 40mm 856. Probably the lug design, some call it the magical 43mm.

    anyway, all very nice watches. if you were consider getting the IWC used, you might as well considered purchase the others used as well. You probably not going to save much on the Bremont, but you can probably save 1k on the Sinn.

    Good luck~

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    Re: Which watch? Bremont vs IWC vs Sinn?

    Hi Tommy,

    I've got similar sized wrists to you and I have a Bremont Solo, which has the same case size as the U2 (with 1 less crown of course). I find it works well for me and doesn't wear as large or tall as you'd expect either. I have a 43mm diver to compare it to and I find it looks much smaller than the 1mm difference would suggest, in a good way (also had to buy unseen and untried as I'm in Aus too, so it was a relief when it arrived)
    Unfortunately I haven't had the opportunity to try Sinn or IWC yet to give any more of a comparison, but I don't think there's an bad choice to be had an any of these choices.

    Hope that helps

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    Re: Which watch? Bremont vs IWC vs Sinn?

    IWC is typically about as overrated of a brand for the price as there is. However, when looking at a Flieger, I would be going with the IWC for the history. They were an original maker of the WWII Flieger and that would carry the day for me.
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    Re: Which watch? Bremont vs IWC vs Sinn?

    I would have a really tough choice here, since I really like all three. But, if you're really into the IWC and the ETA movement is what's holding you back, try looking for a Mark XII, which I believe uses a JLC movement, which no one would dare turn their nose up at.
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    Re: Which watch? Bremont vs IWC vs Sinn?

    Not to "muddy the water" on your choices....but don't forget to add the Damasko DA36, to your list. Great German build quality, good size for your wrist, super tough case, classic pilot dial style, and well within your price point.

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    Re: Which watch? Bremont vs IWC vs Sinn?

    Sounds to me like you're over thinking it.

    If you like the Bremont the best, just make sure its comfortable on the wrist and then go for it.

    I echo the people who hesitate with lower-end IWCs, they have quite a premium over similar quality offerings.

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