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    Watch Buying

    Are buying watches at Alpha Omega and Tourneau overrated. I am not trying to bash them but I heard from other people that they don't give you the best deals...

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    Re: Watch Buying

    I have only been in Tourneau at South Coast Plaza in Southern California. The store sells watches at MSRP, but will give you a discount if you trade a watch in that they want. (You give them a watch and they give you 20% off!?!) They have a decent selection, but the sales people are pretty snobby, are on commission, and don't like dealing with looky-loos. If you are in the socal area, Feldmars in LA is the way to go. They have a super selection, and the guys will let you look at anything you want, for as long as you want. They usually give 20 to 40 percent off of retail.

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