Watch buying experience at NYC boutiques?

Thread: Watch buying experience at NYC boutiques?

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    Watch buying experience at NYC boutiques?

    I'm thinking of taking a trip to NYC over the holidays to look at a few Patek and ALS annual calander watches.My hope is to return in the near future for a purchase.I have never been to a boutique and I'm curious as to what kind of shopping/browsing experience to expect? Do boutiques generally treat everyone that comes through the door as potential customers and take the time to share their knowledge of the brand? In my experience,this can't always be said about some AD's.

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    Re: Watch buying experience at NYC boutiques?

    Don't expect a 'price consideration'. You might get a glass of wine or two.

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    Re: Watch buying experience at NYC boutiques?

    Boutiques have mostly knowlegeable repd and treat you rather nicely. May get a tea or soft drink. But they dont budge on prices.
    I'd say - dress normal ,no need to be fancy but dont come as a bum seeing how they have other clients.
    They usually let you browse but if it's busy, they'll focus on buying customers.

    I suggest you come during low demand time - weekday midday or weekend motning, that way you can get attention

    Also, I always tell them "not looking to make a purchase today, but I am cinsidering xxx and would like to try it on"
    Sales reps are accommodating but make it clear so they have proper expectations

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    Re: Watch buying experience at NYC boutiques?

    Be sure to also visit Wempe which carries both brands. Then you can report back on the differences you experienced and observed.

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    Re: Watch buying experience at NYC boutiques?

    Great service, no discounts. In a brand name boutique that is. So far thats been my experience living in NYC for the last 15 years watch hunting and buying.

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    Re: Watch buying experience at NYC boutiques?

    Friendly service and lots to look at in all the boutiques. NYC has it all but no discounts.

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    Re: Watch buying experience at NYC boutiques?

    Great for trying on, but not for buying, if it were my coin...
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