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    Watch Commander

    I watched this TV show, and this guy is unusual. to say the least. He mentions a watch, I think it is called "Aquanaut" Supposedly it is the
    Valjoux 7750 and all Swiss Made. Has anybody seen the show and
    is this watch for real for $399? Thanks

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    Re: Watch Commander

    maybe it's this one?:
    but there is also a dive watch from either Wenger or Victorinox with a similar name but it's quartz .
    it's the Wenger 'Aquagraph' and it certainly is more bang for the buck than the one above (even if a ETA-7750 is a good mvt but the brand is suspicious):

    Greetings, Sedi

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    Re: Watch Commander

    Never heard of it, but if its actually a swiss 7750 its a no brainer.

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    Re: Watch Commander

    hi bobbybob. i also watch the Watch Commander and he is...well...entertaining. i believe you mean Oceanaut and it is his watch brand/company. i own one of his pieces, the blue conquistador(probably paid too much for it but it's a very nice watch). i've owned it a while, wear it a lot, and have never had an issue with it. it was originally on a 5 link ss bracelet however i switched to a blue croc strap. i am not certain if you can get this one for $399.00 though.

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