Watch handmade project T-WATCH (real!)

Thread: Watch handmade project T-WATCH (real!)

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    Picture Watch handmade project T-WATCH (real!)

    Let me introduce a watch created by me and Andrea Flo_mac a friend that I meet in an italian watch forum "orologiando". Between us there are about 800km but internet makes distance above 0. In december we are discussing about a single hand watch like Meistersinger but more "classical" ispirated to some electrical instrumentes like these:

    But with T on dial with represent units of Time, and precision of 2,5' (cl 2,5)

    An italian watchmaker Piero, helped us with two jeambrun PS31 movements in a case of 36mm with 32mm dial:

    Dial is printed with paper in pure cotton paste and without OBA from Innova (fiba print warmtone glossy) With american inks of carbon pigment from MIS. Paper-ink will be survive for up to 170 years in normal condition.

    The paper was glued in a metallic handmade dial because is very diifficult finding an ver plan dial for the projec.

    Hand is a very difficult project part and we find that it's should be like electrical struments index. It's made by two pieces of copper solder togeter and painted with acrylic black paint.

    The wach is producted in oly two pieces and we will never make other pieces of it. Serial number was signed directly on dial:

    Here the T watches finished and with two testing straps:

    Also with one of creator:

    Other shots of T-watch 001:

    Certificate of autenticity:

    "T-WATCH, the perfect watch for the perfect t-shot!"

    Sorry for the number of pictures and my English. :oops:

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    Re: Watch handmade project T-WATCH (real!)

    Cool project . I have always wanted to make (read assemble) my own watch from parts.
    Very few tasks cannot be accomplished with orders that end in the words "... or die trying."

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    Re: Watch handmade project T-WATCH (real!)

    Ya gotta have a dB meter!

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    Re: Watch handmade project T-WATCH (real!)

    Ottimo lavoro. Belle Watch. Ringraziamenti il per la condivisione.


    ( hope I got the words right) It was a very nice job!
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    Re: Watch handmade project T-WATCH (real!)

    WOW! That's really cool ... I would love to be involved in a project like that, but I would have no idea where to even begin.

    How does one go about creating their own cases? Or dials? I would imagine that the easiest part would be putting the strap on :) !!!!

    Any insight you could provide would be immensely interesting!


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    Re: Watch handmade project T-WATCH (real!)

    It's a shame that so few members are involved in their own projects (original or not). BTW, this is not quite new, Manometro is a brand inspired by other instruments than those designated for measuring the time.
    I would suggest a rectangular resin case if you really want to suggest an old electrical instrument. It requires a lot of work but you can DIY. And take care, the "only hand" should NOT be the second hand.
    Good luck with your project.
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    Re: Watch handmade project T-WATCH (real!)

    Congratulations on a very nice looking watch. If you ever mass-produce them I would give serious thought to adding one to my collection. Well done!

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    Re: Watch handmade project T-WATCH (real!)

    Better to regret something you have done, than something you haven't done...

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    Re: Watch handmade project T-WATCH (real!)

    Great project!

    I love the old fashioned panel meters, all the new ones are digital now...


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    Re: Watch handmade project T-WATCH (real!)

    That is so cool. I am really impressed. I would love to do something like this some day.

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