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    Watch Help

    Hi guys,

    Was hoping for a little advise on the below watches.

    Iím looking at purchasing one of these three as I have a sudden urge for a decent fashion watch.

    Itís taken a bit of time but Iíve decided to go with Michael Kors as I feel the build quality is much superior to what is out there at present and the price range is really good!

    Donít want to be spending any more than £250 on these and figure these are the best value for money.

    Any help would be appreciated!

    Michael Kors Men's Watch MK8118: Watches

    Michael Kors Men's MK8181 Black Silicone Quartz Watch with Black Dial: Michael Kors: Watches

    Michael Kors Fashion Men's Quartz Watch with Silver Dial Chronograph Display and Silver Stainless Steel Strap MK8131: Michael Kors: Watches


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    Re: Watch Help

    A lot of the fashion branded watches are made by Fossil, Kors included. They're nice for what they are, but if I get a Fossil watch it will be a Fossil not a Michael Kors by Fossil. I do like his suits though.

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    Re: Watch Help

    Orient watches and Russian brands like Vostok can be found for around your budget.

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    Re: Watch Help

    Welcome Dan!

    I say buy clothes from a clothesmaker and watches from a watchmaker. M Kors aren't a watchmaker - you're buying a £10 watch and paying £240 for the name. Citizen and Seiko are watchmakers though...

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    Re: Watch Help

    Hi Dan, and welcome.

    We understand that you're looking for a fashion watch, but many of us here have a hard time recommending a fashion watch brand, particularly when the price is at or above other brands whose focus is watches.

    I hope you understand what the others are saying-- the M. Kors watches are made by another watch manufacturer (Fossil), and have about the same build quality as sub 100 pound watches.

    We encourage you to look at Seiko or Citizen, as they'll have the features you're looking for at the same (or probably lower) price. There are so many citizen watches, including chronos, I would think you could find something very similar.
    (For example: Citizen Men's BL5470-06A Eco-Drive Stainless Steel Perpetual Calendar Chronograph Watch: Watches:
    Citizen Men's CA0330-59A Eco-Drive Stainless Steel Chronograph Watch: Watches:
    Citizen Men's BL5480-53A Eco-Drive Perpetual Calendar Chronograph Watch: Watches:
    Citizen Men's AT8010-58B Eco-Drive World Chronograph A-T Watch: Watches:
    Citizen Men's BJ7000-52E Eco-Drive Nighthawk Stainless Steel Watch: Watches:
    Citizen Men's Drive from Citizen Eco-Drive AR 2.0 Stainless Steel Chronograph Watch: Watches:
    Citizen Men's CA0335-04E Eco-Drive Black Ion Plated Chronograph Watch: Watches:

    That said, if you like the style, and you don't think you can get it in another watch, then go for it. As between the three you've posted, it all depends on which one you like and what kind of strap or bracelet you want. I don't think we could recommend one watch over another.

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    Re: Watch Help

    As a heads up most people on the forum, myself included, are not very fond of fashion brand watches. The reason being is that you get more for your money when you buy a Seiko, Citizen and Orient and those companies actually make watches rather than contract someone else to make them with their name on the dial.

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