Watch help! For a young watch enthusiast !
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Thread: Watch help! For a young watch enthusiast !

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    Watch help! For a young watch enthusiast !

    Hello ! I have a very big decision coming up for me. I am having trouble picking a watch. Currently I am stuck between 3 choices. I'm hoping someone can give me insight on some of these watches and hopefully sway me ! Here they are listed in no particular order:

    Cartier tank solo large

    Breitling superocean abyss

    Tudor black bay

    Thank you !

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    Re: Watch help! For a young watch enthusiast !

    Honestly, I can't fathom the Cartier being in the same list as the other two, it is a completely different watch.

    So, choosing between the two divers, I'd go Black Bay every day and twice on Sundays. It is by far the better looking and more interesting of the two options IMO.

    The Black Bay also is simply an excellent watch, and should give you years of enjoyment, with the added benefit of likely holding its value better than the other two over time as well.

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    Re: Watch help! For a young watch enthusiast !

    The Black Bay is really hyped at the moment, so you'll probably get a lot of suggestions for that. I'd say you should go with whatever you want, though. None of those are bad choices. You don't want to go around wearing someone else's favorite watch instead of your own. Trust me, that gets old fast.

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    Re: Watch help! For a young watch enthusiast !

    If you're planning to have one "do it all" watch, I'd say get the Tudor. It also comes with two straps to alter the look and feel.

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    Re: Watch help! For a young watch enthusiast !

    I'd agree that Tudor is quite hyped now, but that would be my choice.
    Cartier in different league and that's descent choice in my opinion.

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    Re: Watch help! For a young watch enthusiast !

    If you can't make your mind up how about going with the one I would pick and get the BB?

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    Re: Watch help! For a young watch enthusiast !

    I'd go Cartier. It's my fave brand out of the 3 and I like Tanks.

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    Re: Watch help! For a young watch enthusiast !

    Is your overall style more sporty or "tank-y"? Those Cartiers are really cool, but I can't see it as an everyday watch (for me at least).
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    Re: Watch help! For a young watch enthusiast !

    Those three are all over the place. What else do you own? If nothing, you might be better off with something like a Rolex Oyster Perpetual or Omega Aqua Terra which would provide a lot of versatility.
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    Re: Watch help! For a young watch enthusiast !

    2 of my favorite watches!

    I love Tudors. Love the new designs. Super value, and especially the Black Bay, hype or no, they are a great value.

    The Cartier Tank is a completely different watch and one on my list. But very dressy and very formal versus the BB.

    What do you see yourself doing in the watch? What are your activities? Where do you see yourself going in the watch? Is it your only watch? Do you have a side beater for rough and tumble activities? etc.

    Great menu of choices all are very very nice. Congrats on the one you choose regardless.

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